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Find out what's happening at ECSD!  What new classes, teachers, or performances we are doing!

This year's 2023 Musical Production will be....(drum roll...)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Junior.

Come one and all to join our fantastic Music Theatre classes on Mondays!  We need little ones, right through to teens and adults!  Beginner or advanced - doesn't matter - come aboard and have your chance to shine on stage.

2023 - CLASSES are all happening!! We have lyrical classes for all ages including tiny kinder aged people with the beautiful Tarquinn O'Toole.

Tappin' Tuesdays are going off with the gorgeous Tara Snelling who is a Tapping SUPERSTAR and an actual real life Rock 'n' Roll Champion! 

We and of course we have our beautiful ballet classes with both Katherine, and Tarquinn - teaching our students the foundations of dance.

End of Year Concert - 'Out of This World!'

Sunday 24th November, 2:00-3:45pm

(Emerald Secondary College Performing Arts Centre - 425 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd, Emerald, 3782).  


Tickets $20.  


Tickets at

OR - Tickets at the door


  • Im pleased to announce that ECSD will be offering BOYS BREAKDANCE / HIP HOP !!!  This dance class will be open to boys/men ages 6-18+ yrs, and the classes will be taught by ....MR SHANE MARSHALL!!!  

We are very excited to have Shane come and teach at the Emerald City and can't wait to see all those boys in action!  Classes begin Term 1, 2019 - Friday afternoons. (See 'Timetable' page for details). Please sign up as soon as possible via the 'Free Trial Registration' page - as places are limited!


  • ECSD have just had the most wonderful end of year Concert!  Thankyou to everyone who made it possible - all the students, parents, teachers and guest musicians who helped us out that night, all the mums who helped backstage - thank you to ALL!  It was such a huge success.  Im very proud of our efforts.


  • A number of our ECSD students performed at the 2019 FUNEST (part of the PAVE Festival!). They were so brave and did such an incredible job.  There are always so many unknown variables in a setting such a festival - especially when your stage is a piece of road! he he.... The sun was so intense and hot, and our little ballet dancers forgot a few steps - but this did not perturb them in the slightest - they simply went on like little professionals.  Our singers had practiced without mikes, but at the last minute we ended up using mikes - and they just went with it and shone like stars.  Our beautiful Miss Laura and I sang our Disney duo....oh Laura her voice is magical.  Thankyou again for bringing joy to our audience that day.  We also had our very own Mr Shane Marshall and some of our mini breakdancers join him in an OPEN STREET WORKSHOP....which by the way - totally went off!  All the children that joined in had a FABULOUS TIME and were so enthusiastic - it was gold to watch. Congratulations to all!


  • We look forward to our next end of year Concert in 2019!  More to come on this as we progress​

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