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Music Theatre

(Drama / Singing / Basic dance)
This class is focused mostly on drama and singing, with some basic dance moves taught (either tap, hip hop, or jazz - depending on what routines we're working on)   The students  will work towards the end of year musical (2023 - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Junior) a script, songs and dances.

1- A Water Bottle
2 - DRESS - Leggings or tights, leotard or fitted T-shirt.

(Hair must be in ponytail or bun). 
3- SHOES - Jazz shoes/jazz sneakers, or ballet slippers, (maybe tap shoes)  (2nd hand from gumtree or eBay.  New from 'Frock Up in Ferntree Gully.


Ballet (RAD)

These classes will be based on RAD ballet (Royal Academy of Dance) .  Ah Ballet.....You can always tell a ballet dancer, their posture, grace and poise are notable.  Ballet is something that everyone can enjoy, the purity of classical music, the feeling of flowing and flying - ballet was definitely one of my favourite genres to dance.  Classical music tells a story that your soul can hear, and ballet gives you the tools to be able to fully express that. I loved that feeling! To consider a career in almost any genre of dance - ballet is required - as it lays the foundation for dance as a whole, teaching basic, core technique and placement.  Children that learn ballet tend to pick up other forms of dance very quickly.

All classes sit a yearly in-house exam, for which they receive (upon passing) a certificate and medal and report from the examiner.

1- A Water Bottle
2 - DRESS - Girls - Ballet tights, leotard and ballet skirt. 

(Hair must be in a bun).

Boys - Black or white singlet / T-shirt and black shorts

(Hair must be in ponytail or bun).
3- SHOES - Girls - Pink Ballet slippers.  

Boys - Black ballet shoes

(2nd hand slippers can be found on gumtree or eBay.  Brand new from - 'Frock Up in Ferntree Gully).

Kinderballet 3-5 yrs

A gentle introduction  to the wonderful world of ballet, including games, story-time, free dance and short simple exercises using our imagination!

1- A Water bottle. 
2- DRESS - Ballet leotard and skirt / Boys - Plain colour T-shirt and shorts
3- SHOES -Ballet shoes
   2n Brand new shoes can be purchased through  'Frock Up' in Ferntree Gully.



Tara is our gorgeous Tap teacher and will be doing syllabus based work with the children, building their technique slowly but surely.  Learning to tap is so much fun, and once you get the knack of it, you'll be tapping anywhere and everywhere - waiting in line, brushing your teeth!  Its highly infectious, and highly satisfying to make rhythm with your feet.  Come on down and feel pride when you master the 'time step', or even the basic 'shuffle ball change'!  We here in Tap land are a bunch of frustrated drummers!

1- A Water Bottle
2 - DRESS - Leggings or tights, leotard or fitted T-shirt
3- SHOES - Tap shoes.  (2nd hand from gumtree or eBay. New from -'Frock up' in Ferntree Gully).



Hip Hop and don't stop... Taught by our very talented male teacher - Mr Shane Marshall -Hip Hop is a popular form of dance- the kind you see alot in music videos (though we are selective about language and theme of music etc).  Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music which was developed by inner-city African Americans during the 1970's.  It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking,  and was made popular by dance crews in the United States.  Learn some super cool moves with Shane and feel like a pop star!

1- A Water Bottle
2 - DRESS - Leggings or tights, and a leotard or T-shirt. Emphasis on 'Funky' ;0
3- SHOES - Jazz shoes/jazz sneakers, or regular clean sneakers.   (2nd hand from gumtree or eBay.  New from - 'Jazzies' (in Croydon) 0419 893 107, or 'Frock Up in Ferntree Gully, if so desired).

Modern Ballet Dancer


These classes will be led by the beautiful Tarquinn O'Toole.  She will be helping the students learn lyrical, and may delve into some other styles like jazz or funk if the students are calling for it. With stretching and strengthening exercises, Tarquinn will help build the student's technique over time and have them learn a dance for their end of year performance.  Prepare to have some real fun in these classes and express yourself to the max!

1- A Water Bottle
2 - DRESS - Leggings or tights, leotard or fitted T-shirt.

(Hair must be in ponytail or bun).
3- SHOES - Jazz shoes/sneakers, or ballet slippers.  (2nd hand from gumtree or eBay.  New from - 'Frock Up' in Ferntree Gully,). Socks or bare feet are also acceptable in this class.

Shane photo 2.jpg


This class is especially for boys, and is taught by a male teacher - Mr Shane Marshall!  (See 'Meet the teachers' page for his bio).  Breakdance is the oldest form of hip hop known, and like hip hop originated in the Bronx in the 70's.  Musical inspirations include rap, 70's soul and funk, and the like. Prepare to learn some very cool body movements, co-ordination, strength and ultimately - super fly style.

1- A Water Bottle
2 - DRESS - T-shirt, shorts, or track pants, or leggings

(Long hair must be in ponytail, or kept back with a headband)
3- SHOES - Sneakers

Zumba Dance Class

Adults Dance Fitness (Tara Snelling)

This class will be open to adults who have not danced in long time - who perhaps danced as a child or teen and may be looking to shake a leg once more; also open to those who are more experienced and have danced throughout adulthood regularly. 
Come and have some fun, get fit, and move your body to the music again!  

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