ECSD's History

'The Wizard of Oz'? Yes, Yes that is indeed where the school derived it's name from. Back  in 2014 a dreamy eyed Katherine began ECSD  in her living room in Emerald, wishing and hoping to create a place of magic and wonder much like the well known Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz.  After successfully building and running her school on her own for 6 years she decided instead to create a community of teachers who all worked under the same roof  but operated their classes independently,   This is where Kathryn Fouracre and Shane Marshall  merged with ECSD's Community of teachers as independents.  This is a very exciting transition for the school, one that will be a beautiful collaborative effort.  We also have Tarquinn O'Toole who teaches for Katherine and has been an invaluable addition to the school.

As part of the school's transition we'll be looking at making Music Theatre a very big part of the school, meaning that concerts will be expanding into the realm of musicals and plays quite extensively.

Katherine's background and vision...


Katherine grew up in the world of Eistedfods, concerts, plays and musicals, and continued on in this field as an adult. She knows what it is to be part of a show, the rehearsals, the costumes, the sets, the cast, creatives and crew - all the good and the bad that comes with showtime. She would like to share this wealth of experience with the little ones now and set them up with a solid foundation from which to spring fourth.

Katherine loves choreography, and helping students reach their potential - through perfecting technique and helping release emotional expression through movement. The world of dance is not always a kind one, but Katherine insists that her school will be one of loving kindness, with the aim of helping each individual gain confidence and joy through movement.


After many years of dance, Katherine has realised that dance is not simply about learning steps and showing people certificates, it is about discovering yourself and your potential as a human being; challenging yourself (kindly); and using your body to help work through emotions, instead of storing them in the body. It's also about feeling proud of yourself, feeling special, and feeling grateful for being able to use your body in a way that makes not only yourself happy, but others too.

Katherine is very excited about the future of Emerald City and looks forward to watching the students grow and unfold.

Our spacious studio is equipped with mirrors and a ballet barre!

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